Twenty Three Years: Childhood, War, Escape

E-Book Twenty Three Years: Childhood, War, Escape

The horror of the expulsion of the Jews by Nazi Germany in 1938 shatters the naiveté of a ten-year-old German girl’s idyllic childhood. During the Nazi war teenagers are drafted to work for the war effort on the home front. The loss of home and the separation from family deepen the indignities inflicted by Russian soldiers. Being reunited with the family and returning to school gives new hope. The escape to West Germany makes a new life and the ultimate immigration to the United States of America possible.


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Who is Eve Monk?

Apart from being the author of Twenty Three Years: Childhood, War, Escape, Eve Monk is a German immigrant, a loving mother and grandmother, a former French and German teacher, and a mildly successful stock market investor.

Before all that however she was a young girl living an idyllic childhood in Neu Bentschen, Germany. On a grey evening in October, 1938 Eve witnessed the expulsion of the Polish Jews. The story of Twenty-Three Years is one of enduring: both the terrors of the Nazis and eventually the wrath of the Russian Red Army.

She hopes that you will find the story of Twenty Three Years informative and inspiring in dealing with the trials and tribulations of modern life. The process of writing the memoir was therapeutic and cathartic to her, and she is glad to share her experiences, hardships, and successes with you in the form of the written word.

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“It began in an idyllic Germany, where she should have experienced a childhood of pastoral pleasures. Instead, as she grew up, she endured the suffering under the Nazis and then under the Russians.

It is a touching portrait of a young girl’s courage and determination, facing a combination of cruelties which Gentiles in Germany had to endure to survive – including betrayals, physical brutalities, and family separation, during the war, under the Russian occupation, and then afterwards.

How she remained gentle and optimistic is a tribute to her character, which shines through the pages.”

– Charles Sutherland

“A touching and compelling story of a life of courage and strength, sweet memories, horrific events, and of daily living under the Nazis. Every student of history would benefit from reading what went on inside the regime that became a synonym for vile leadership.”

– Lou Hamilton

2 thoughts on “Twenty Three Years: Childhood, War, Escape

  1. Love the site so far! Looking forward to seeing the new content as it comes out and experiencing the book in other versions. Do you think you’ll eventually do an audiobook?


    1. Thank you for your kind words Stevie. We do plan to do an audiobook so stay tuned for that! You can subscribe to the site via the home screen for updates on things like this.


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