Here you will find a treasure trove of information regarding both Eve and the people that helped turn her dream of writing the memoir Twenty-Three Years into a reality.

Some of the content that you find here may not be suited to young people. In instances where this may be the case, posts are designated with a symbol indicating their graphic nature.

Eve Monk

Eve is the author of the memoir, Twenty-Three Year: Childhood, War, Escape. She received degrees from the University of Kentucky. She currently resides in Williamsburgh, Virginia.

Joe Monk III

Joe just returned to the U.S. from a year abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is employed as a chef while also running over ten websites in his free time. He currently lives in Denver, CO.

Charles Sutherland

Charles is a former Director of Development and Promotions at the Washington Times. He has worked as a consultant for the past nine years and enjoys spending his free time helping the self-published group at the Williamsburg Public Library. Charles is also he an accomplished writer who has published many books himself.

What People Say About Twenty Three Years: Childhood, War, Escape

“It was so well written and such an easy read…I’m so grateful to Eve Monk for writing this and giving the world a chance to understand what it was like for the German people, and for children like her growing up in that horrible era.”


“This is an amazing story…could not put it down. An authentic story that places you next to the author. Highly recommend this book.”

Annie Downing

“While other similar memoirs are written from the perspectives of young people during the time of the conflict, Twenty-Three Years is written from the perspective of a woman almost 70 years removed from her struggle…an interesting perspective to consider to be sure.”

Joe Monk III

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  1. I have read Eve Monk’s most exceptional book. I live at the Arbors on Roscoe Crossing, Williamsburg. I would like to contact Eve to see if she would be interested in coming to the apartments to speak to and/or visit with some of the residents here. We could invite a small group to meet in my apartment, or the management could arrange a larger room for more to attend. Please forward my email to Eve so that she may contact me if she would like to arrange such a visit. Thank you, Ann Davis – email davisann751@gmail.com


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